Through the Looking Glass - My Journey into Teacher Training

Priscilla is one of our amazing yogis in this ever flourishing community, and we are so excited for her to embark on her very own path into Yoga Teacher Training at Summit. I asked her to share her experiences to hopefully provide a little insight for others that may be thinking about taking the leap. When we go through Teacher Training, the end result doesn't have to be becoming a yoga teacher, the training offered by a lot of studios provides a greater insight into yoga and the role it plays in your life off the mat. Feel free to contact us or Priscilla herself with any questions about training if you are thinking about taking the leap yourself and I hope you are as inspired by Priscillas words as I am myself. So proud of you little raccoon!

- Tiffany


-Week One-

I recently began my journey into yoga teacher training and it has turned my life upside down. It's hard to imagine how I got here in the first place. Over six months ago I started practicing yoga regularly with Karma Yoga Denton during a time of deep depression and anxiety. Discovering my practice helped me restore my body, focus my mind, and brought me to some of the most amazing people I know. In some kind of weird way, discovering my practice saved my life. If I can give even the slightest bit of that to someone else, then I can be happy. It is that desire to help others discover themselves through their practice that drives me to a place where I must face my crippling social anxiety for a greater purpose.


Two weeks ago I found myself driving off to some magical, mystical, faraway place and wondering to myself “Where am I? What am I doing here? Where are Jessica and Tiffany?” I watched my fellow trainees pile in one by one, each one as nervous and unsure of what to expect as I was. Knowing that we all felt the same brought us a sense of solidarity – everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming. At the end of the day, we were all there for the same purpose of sharing our passion of yoga with others. It was easy to open up to one another, to share our feelings, and to encourage each other right off the bat.

We began training by introducing meditation to our practice. Being new to meditation and tired from the anxious night before, I found it hard to concentrate. Our instructors encouraged us to continue our this practice even if the initial attempt may have been frustrating (which it was). As the days progressed and I continued to learn new meditation methods, I found it easier to connect to my breath and be present. Introducing this aspect to my yoga practice has helped it develop in a way that I had never thought to explore. I would recommend introducing meditation for anyone's life and practice. The effects it may have on your life could very well surprise you.


Shortly after our first meditation class, we were thrown into back to back yoga practice sessions. These classes were more physically challenging than anything I had encountered before. All I could think about was finally going into that final savasana pose. The classes flew by and by the end of it I was feeling grateful for my body which carried me through, yet sore in places I never knew existed.


As the day progressed, we met new challenge after challenge. At the end of it came the one I feared the most – being thrown into practicum. Here comes the part where I have to get over my social anxiety trying to come over me and get in front of all these strangers. In the end I had panicked over nothing. We each fumbled over our words, laughed at ourselves, and received positive feedback from our supportive instructors. It left me feeling exhilerated, relieved, and yearning to do it all again.

At the end of it, I feel reaffirmed that I am on the right path. The most important thing yoga teacher training has taught me has been communication – having a discussion with the internal workings of your body and mind, how to actively listen to others, face fears of public speaking, and learning how to love complete strangers. I'm grateful to have this experience and opportunity. The people I met are truly amazing and the knowledge I've gained is truly invaluable. I know I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life.

- Priscilla Martinez

Priscilla is an artist of various mediums, animal lover, dentonite, and future yoga teacher in the making. She first came to Karma Yoga during a period of severe depression and anxiety. Practicing yoga with KYD has given her the strength to battle mental illness, reach out to others in her community, and find direction in her life.