Yogis of Karma - Allison Peeler

My name is Allison and I am absolutely in love with yoga. There are a myriad of reasons I needed, surrendered to, found peace in yoga. They are not necessarily important to detail here. What I want you to know is that having a regular yoga practice (every damn day!  ) makes me a better human. Put in the work, reap the benefits. There is simplicity to this formula, though I can easily overcomplicate it. So much of yoga is an inside job- the integrity of my spiritual practice is far more beneficial than the asana. But it sort of happened in reverse for me; the more dedicated I became to the action, the more meditative the action became. The poses connect me to my breath- they wear me out so that I can actually get quiet. Once I get quiet, I have the capacity to become connected to a divine and universal spirit. The benefits of a connection to a higher self are infinite. This process works so well for me because I love the physicality of yoga! It is so fun to try new poses and gain new skills. But I know that I am most satisfied when my movements are connected to my breath and I am not spending my time worried so much about what I look like, or what you (or your Instagram) look like. I sometimes hear my inside voice gently reminding me that there are not actually any awards for doing perfect or advanced poses. That said, I owe a lot to the Instagram yoga community for the positive effect it has had on my journey. It has connected me to other yogis and radically enhanced my daily home practice. I receive encouragement and support from other yogis and have learned all kinds of new poses, variations, and mantras.


Grace and self-love have been some of the most profound gifts I have received from my yoga journey. Through a regular practice that asks nothing of me but to show up, I get to practice loving myself. Practice loving myself. Self-love requires maintenance, for me. This is how yoga unassumingly turns me into a better human. I get to practice authentically loving myself and in turn am able to share that love with others. I learn to give myself grace for being wherever I am in my journey, while simultaneously giving others permission to do the same. I practice maintaining a spiritual connection with a universal breath, thus recognizing my connection to the universe and everyone in it. A simple physical practice of connecting breath to movement has profound implications on the rest of my life. What a blessing.

 Thanks for letting me share my experience with you! Namaste.

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