Yogis of Karma - Judy Dekuehn

You may recognize Judy from many of our different Karma Classes. She graciously forgoes savasana to serenade us with hermusical skills and talent by playing her flute. Her kind heart and beautiful soul fill up every room she enters with a light that warms you right up! We are so grateful to have her as a member of this yoga community, and are always so inspired by her grace and dedication in and to her practice. 

 -Tiffany Johnson


In life, we all struggle in different ways. Struggling is so universal to our species that I believe to be human IS to struggle. It’s how we learn and grow. Yoga helps me balance the idea that life is not about being struggle-free, but about learning to struggle well. Every area of my life benefits from this concept of yoga.

As a wife and mom, sometimes relationships can be challenging. I find that time focused inward on my mat helps me balance thoughts about what I “should” be and I can find a space to simply allow and accept, without judgment.

As a counselor I give of myself emotionally, spiritually and physically, but I understand I can’t care for others if I don’t first care for myself. For me, yoga creates release from the stimulus of the world. It quiets distractions in my mind so I can see things in fresh ways and relate to struggles differently while I invest in others.

As a Reike practitioner, I notice yoga gives me a sharper awareness of energy, both inside myself and when I work with others. I can move and manage energy in stronger, healthier ways with yoga and connect with others from a place of groundedness. It gives me a quiet space to experience acceptance and gentleness for myself and others. With yoga I can be more of who I want to be. It’s a real guide to help me soften and soothe the struggles of day-to-day living.

The joy of yoga is so much more than simply asanas (poses). For me, yoga is about the process of self discovery. On my mat, I like to focus my attention inward: on breath, alignment and movement. Although I can’t change the bigger, more challenging issues in my life, on my mat, I can notice and work with these simple things. In the process, bigger issues fade and I find space for quiet, rest and a fresh perspective.

Come join us at Karma Yoga--It’s a:

     *Concept: Taking care of yourself while giving back to the community at large . . . Who knew charity could feel so good?

     *Vibe: Come to a class and see for yourself. We are a group of kind people who strive for gentleness and compassion for ourselves, others and our planet. Acceptance is the name of the game here.

     *Perspective:  Priorities shift, problems fade and realignment for life happens on the mat!

     *Community:  The three concepts above naturally create a community of individuals who support and encourage each other.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the Karma Yoga experience, I gently encourage you to consider stretching yourself (pun intended) :) Come join us and see what all the goodness is about. I’ll save a spot for you and your mat when you come. In the meantime, I leave you with my fav quote, just because I love quotes and I love to share things that might encourage.


There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost. It is your sole responsibility to keep the channel open.

      Martha Graham, modern dance pioneer