March: Q&A With Christian Stovall

Courtney from KYD met up with this months Featured Yoga Instructor, Christian Stovall, to talk yoga, life, and learn more about Christian off the mat. Enjoy!

KYD:  When did you first start practicing yoga? Why?

CS: I took my first yoga class about 7 years ago at the urging of my best friend. I was  looking for something to breathe live into my fitness routine. Little did I know, a simple yoga class at the gym would change everything.

KYD: How has yoga impacted your life?

CS: Yoga has changed how I approach my health and fitness. I have found that without striving for balance first, nothing else can flourish. Life is give and take, yoga has helped me embrace that dance between the two to achieve the best I can in everything.

KYD: What has your practice taught you?

CS:I have always been a fairly level-headed person; however through an asana practice and most importantly a breath practice I have been able to create focus and calm in my ADD mind. It allows me to tune out the noise of the day while maintaining my attention to what’s important.

KYD: What is your favorite, least favorite, and most challenging asana?

CS: Favorite: Fallen Triangle/Rockstar
Least Favorite: Camel
Most Challenging: Full Splits

KYD: What is your ideal playlist?

CS: A little Blackmill, a little Moby, some M83 and The xx, Beck and The Black Keys and a dash of Mumford & Sons

KYD: Have you ever had a crazy experience in a yoga class, whether you were teaching it or you were a student?

CS: Teaching a sunrise yin class on a floating boat dock at the lake, halfway thru savasana we get soaked from a drive-by spray from 3 jet skis…WAKE UP!

KYD: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a class?

CS: Nearly losing my shorts in a hot yoga class, apparently heat and sweat make non-spandex fabric lose all shape. Lesson learned: always wear cute undies.

KYD: What is an interesting fact about yourself?

CS: I love to cook, especially bake, anything with dark chocolate.

KYD: What is a typical weekend like for you?

CS: Soccer, Yoga, Dogs, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

KYD: Favorite quote.

CS: “I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart”  —Vincent Van Gogh

KYD: Favorite color.

CS: Purple