A Mixed Fit: Yoga, Cross Fit and Running; My Peace In Imperfection


    I am one of those people. Super busy, always with some sort of pending task; I even set an outlook calendar event to write this.  But that IS me, and I am comfortable with that.

    Every Sunday and now sometimes Saturday I show up to Audacity Brew House; sometimes limping; sometimes ridiculously sore and frequently hungover.    I am a half assed runner/ crossfitter/yogi.  In all of my half-assness I like to consider myself a good, or at least, very committed Attorney.  BUT YOGA…that is where I find my peace…err… Active Peace. 

    This post was supposed to be about how CrossFit and Yoga interact together harmoniously; how showing up, and taking the time to stretch my sore muscles once a week helps with lifting and the dynamic movements that even half-ass CrossFitters like myself put our bodies through.  I had outlined how CrossFit makes me feel like a bad ass, while at the same time, makes my ass feel terrible, as well as how yoga helps ease the pain and relax my aches.  AND all of this is true.

    But more true for me is that I came to Denton to accept the Job of my dreams, completely alone and with each passing day I started to become lonely.  Back home my closest friend was my lifting partner, Alissa, who was also going though Crossfit Coaching certification.  She made me feel strong even though I was about 30lbs below her lifts. We would get to the gym at 5am to lift and then go back and workout in the evenings.  When I settled on a Box here (Crossfit for Gym) that was very different.  Denton did not have a 5am class; and it felt like every time I showed up for 6am class the instructor was late or when I was able to work out, I was always doing something wrong, or it was not good enough….I was freaked out about starting a new HUGE job and sad about leaving all of my friends behind Houston.  I was LOST.

    At the Wednesday night community run I met a girl, who attended the same Cross fit Box as myself. Eventually we started going to yoga  on Sunday morning together.  One morning, over a post yoga beer, I lamented to her in silly self-pity about my experiences and frustrations with Cross fit.  Surprisingly, I was met with understanding and encouragement; not the suck it up and get over it that I expected.  From that day, that beer, that opportunity to come to the mat; and that opportunity to just talk to someone with my same interest; my whole universe shifted.  Karma Yoga Denton offered me that experience.

    One of our Karma instructors told us “Opening your heart is not looking for love, but opening your heart is to receive the love offered to you”.  Yoga makes you open your body to new dynamic positions; but in doing that, it’s like tactile learning for your soul.  Yoga allows a type of expression that is all encompassing and even when you get off your mat it stays with you.  I needed to be comfortable enough to express my unhappiness; when it was all said and done…..I went into child’s pose and then came back with more strength to hold my warrior.

    Also, this is super cheesy, but Tanisha Washington, thank you for being my friend!

Destinee is the Associate Vice President of Compliance and General Counsel at Texas Women's University, a beautiful soul, and a bright ray of sunshine at our Morning Buzz classes at Audacity Brew House. You can catch her and her sweet pup all around town, she is an avid support of the ever growing Little D Community. We are so lucky to have her as a part of our Karma Yoga family.