May: Q&A with Karen Fenton

We are so excited to have Karen Fenton as our featured instructor for the month of May. She will be teaching Saturday May 23rd at Audacity Brew House and you won't want to miss it! Find out a little more about Karen and her life on and off the mat.

KYD: When did you first start practicing yoga? Why?  

Karen F: I started practicing yoga in 2000, at the local Y.  I am clumsy, and I thought yoga is close to the ground, I can do that!  Little did I know how much I would love it, and the mind challenges I would face.

KYD: How has yoga impacted your life?  

Karen F: Yoga has given me so much.  I learned how to accept who I am, how to challenge myself and most of all how to teach what I love!  

KYD: What has your practice taught you?

Karen F: How to be balanced on both sides, patience wins the race, slow and easy is always better, and to have more gratitude.

KYD: What is your favorite, least favorite and most challenging poses?  

Karen F: Handstand is my least favorite and most challenging pose.  I feel as I have gotten  older, I have lost some muscle,  makes it very difficult, and probably a lot of fear.  My favorite pose is tree.

KYD: What is your favorite playlist? 

Karen F: I love relaxing Zen music. 

KYD: Have you ever had a crazy experience in a yoga class whether you were teaching it or a student? 

Karen F: Ugh, always that student at the gym, she came in the middle of class I was teaching, and did those muscle flexing poses in front of the mirror.....  And then she left...

KYD: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a class?  

Karen F: I can't think of anything.  Makes me wonder sometimes whats coming! 

KYD: What is a typical weekend like for you? 

Karen F: Time with my husband, kids and grand kids.

KYD: Favorite Quote?

Karen F: I change favorite quotes pretty regularly, today is -

"If you can dream it, you can do it" -Walt Disney

KYD: Favorite Color?

Karen F: I love bright yellow

KYD: What is your favorite Pose? 

Karen F: My favorite pose is tree, vrkasana.  It is the first balancing pose that I stuck, and I got it, it all clicked, the how and the why!  Still love my tree, even when it isn't so balanced.