Cold Pressed Enlightenment - Summer Chakra Series

This week’s juice has been named “Ganesha” for the gentle, wise, elephant headed deity in the Hinduism culture. Ganesh, Ganesha, is known as the remover of obstacles, and he is typically honored at the beginning of a journey or venture. Statues are placed by the doors of homes, as a wish of safe travelers, or placed outside of new buildings to protect the new space being built. The Ganesh is also famously known as the patron of letters, learning, and knowledge. He is commonly depicted in the color red, like the Root Chakra that our weekly juice is inspired by, and typically pot bellied, with one broken tusk, he has four arms that hold each a pasam, a goad, a pot of rice, or sweetmeats. The Ganesh has a legendary appetite for sweets, and candies are usually left by his shrines as an offering. These items that he holds are symbolic in tradition of breaking down the ego, rather than resulting to violence. Having patience, and handling situations with kindness and grace, rather than letting ourselves fall into the tide of our own anger and frustration. Not letting the need to be right, overcome what is actually true.  The little mouse that Ganesh can be seen accompanied by or riding, symbolizes the Ganesh’s ability to destroy every obstacle. Mice are seen as capable of gnawing their way through most things, the way the Ganesh overcomes different situations.

Whenever life comes at you with a challenge, just think of the Ganesha and his tiny mouse, taking time to plan and understand, overcoming life’s obstacles with a little patience and aspiration. Join us for a cold glass of juice inspired by this deity 

Strawberry - a superfruit, summery, and so delicious, strawberries are powerful antioxidants full of Vitamin C. This also keeps our eyes strong, and our eyes require Vitamin C from exposure and free radicals. They also help fight bad cholesterol (LDL), and promote heart health by reducing oxidative damage and blood lipids. Adding more strawberries to your diet can also aide with inflammation cause by sore muscles and arthritis. 

Hibiscus - typically used for maintaining a healthy blood pressure, but so many other healthy benefits as well! Hibiscus is great for helping to regulate body temperature, and supporting respiratory health. Hibiscus tea, or even just adding some hibiscus to hot water, can work wonders for a sore throat. Hibiscus can also be used to fight LDL's and support healthy cholesterol levels. 

Vanilla - natural vanilla extract works as a powerful antioxidant and can work to protect the body from damaging toxins and free radicals. Vanilla can also be used to treat inflammation in the body with its liver- protecting qualities. 

Coconut creme - Coconut cream differs from coconut milk in that it contains less water and more coconut, so it has a thicker, richer texture. Rich in fiber and full of antioxidants like Vitmans B, C, and E. These vitamins can help support immune function and aide in preventing disease.  


Every Wednesday, you can find the Karma Yoga Denton yogis catching some zen in the beautiful back patio at Harvest House or in their super chill lounge. So much love to Cafe Manager, Andie Sterling, for coming up with this Cold Pressed Enlightenment for us each week!