Cold Pressed Enlightenment - JBG Organic

Homemade Aguas Frescas is this weeks small batch beverage at Harvest House for our Wednesday morning class and it features delicious Cantaloupe, Canary Melon, and Watermelon from our very own partners at Johnson's Backyard Organic. JBG is the only certified organic farm in Denton, and it is no easy feat. The regulations they have to meet and standards that they set are very high, which in turn produces fantastic and delicious organic produce. Aguas Frescas translates to "Fresh Waters"., and this refreshing drink will have the addition of a cold-brew infusion to really add a fresh crisp bite. Andie Sterling of Harvest House, swung by Earthwise Produce on Elm, which is where you can scoop up plenty of JBG's farm fresh vegetables and fruits. They also have a CSA program, which stands for Community Sponsored Agriculture:

"Community Supported Agriculture is much different than going to the local grocery and buying your vegetables. It is a direct partnership between you the consumer and our farm. CSA members pay in advance for a share of the upcoming harvest and are ensured high-quality local produce, and we the farm are ensured a consistent market. Produce is harvested direct from our fertile and certified organic vegetable fields located along the Colorado River just East of Austin. Immediately after harvest we deliver "CSA shares" to our members' homes, offices and over 30 community pick-up locations all on the same day." More details on the JBG website - CSA

Join Karma Yoga in the beautiful backyard at Harvest House every Wednesday at 10am, and indulge in one of Andies tasty creations after class! Drop In is just $5, and a portion of proceeds goes to support the Denton Animal Support Foundation. Class is also held at the JBG Organic Denton Farm every Tuesday at 10am. See you on your mats yogis!