Charity of the Month for July 2015 - Gift of Adoption - Texas

Some words about this months charity from our inspiring Karma Yoga community member LaPorsha Gant -

Gift of Adoption is a non-profit organization that helps to bridge the gap financially and assist families in the adoption process. Founded in 1996, Gift of Adoption (GOA) is now the largest provider of grants – given without regard to age, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Over 143 million children worldwide have been orphaned, abandoned, or taken from their parents due to extreme abuse or neglect. These children live in foster homes, institutions, and on the streets. Gift of Adoption addresses the needs of waiting children by  providing grants to aid in the adoption process – giving children without families permanent homes and the chance to thrive.

While GOA is making progress, there is still much work to be done. As Bikram Choudhury once said, the greatest challenge yields the greatest opportunity for change.

I joined the Board of Directors of the Texas Chapter in 2015, fueled by a passion to inspire the next generation of leaders. I made it my personal mission to positively impact the lives of children who reside in foster homes and group homes. To that end, I work feverishly to instill in them the belief that their current situations do not preclude them from success. Joining the board wasn't the only decision I made in 2015, I also decided to begin practicing yoga with a little encouragement from Tiffany.

Both experiences have taught me the value of subtle stretching. Whether it was stretching my hands as far as possible trying to achieve a balanced warrior pose or stretching outside of my comfort zone to request donations as part of fundraising activities, I am stretching my mind and body in ways that I never thought possible. Both types are stretching are challenging, but they also are both changing my life and allowing me to impact change in my community.

Please know that donations collected will help to fund adoptions in the state of Texas. Also, the Texas Chapter of Gift of Adoption is actively seeking national, chapter, and junior board talent. Encourage emerging leaders in the Denton community to explore the opportunity to join the board of our fast-growing national charity and make a difference.