Product Review - Yogi Surprise Box

Yogi Surprise Subscription Box Review –Jewelry Edition

Alana @growbythesun

    I was browsing the interwebs one day and an advertisement caught my eye. I had been playing around with the idea of purchasing my first mala, but I was also weighing the pros and cons. Cost also played a factor, which usually seems like someone is trying to scam fellow yogis out of $150 for a beaded necklace. This is a real thing guys, don’t fall for it. The picture was of a beautiful light wood and marbled blue beaded mala and a yoga themed subscription service. And I was like, what the what? This exists? Sign me up guys! I hunted around for a coupon code, checked for potential online scams and went for it. Guys, always check for online scams on this stuff-trust me a little google search is worth it.

    Yogi Surprise has two box options: lifestyle or jewelry. I chose jewelry because that mala was calling my name (and it was the cheaper box). I ordered pretty early so I had a good amount of wait time before my box came. In that time, the interwebs plagued me with my decision. My ads were suddenly all yoga subscription boxes and pictures of that particular beautiful mala that attracted me in the first place. Eventually I got the confirmation my box had shipped and checked the mail like, every day even though the tracking service seemed accurate. But, just in case right? You’ve done this too, I know it!

    Anyways, this box was everything. Beautiful and great quality, and I enjoyed the products it came with. September’s box came with a package of chocolate mint cookies that were gluten free! I seemed to forget that it came with chocolate and I was surprised by the sweet snack. I am typically not a bracelet fan, other than my Bellabeat Leaf activity tracker, but the bracelet that came with this box has gotten more than a few uses! It’s a white bead (howlite? I don’t know) and a redder colored bead. What I like about this bracelet is it is adjustable. I really do not like tight bracelets-my wrists do not need suffocating hugs so this one surprised me. The mala is gorgeous, the bead weight is perfect, the tassel is full and the color compliments the beads well. The wood is light but looks good with the different colored ocean colored blue beads. I have yet to meditate with it but I feel it may be a good piece to have around.

    Have you ever tried a yoga subscription box? Did you like it or think it was cheesy? Would you like to read a review on the lifestyle box? Also, mala advice! Do you have one and what do you think? Send your thoughts to me on Instagram @growbythesun and we can chat! Namaste yogis!