Yogis of Karma - Nicola Connor

The best thing about being a member of the Karma Yoga Denton family is just that— making great friends and maybe even chosen family. New faces are always coming around and quickly turn into friends, although our backbone remains held up by our ‘regulars’. Nic is one of those esteemed ‘regulars’. She has been practicing with us since we were founded by Jessica. Nic started her yoga journey at a gym and quickly recognized she preferred the energy of Karma Yoga Like many of us, she was drawn to yoga for the mental space it provides and maintains her practice for those clear and calming benefits.


At first, Nic was unsure if she wanted to be interviewed for our blog. She doesn’t like having her photo taken and doesn’t enjoy the spotlight. She spoke with a friend about it and decided she could inspire someone like herself to try yoga. After all, most people are not inspired by the bendy instagram yogis who can overextend their splits.


Nic’s favorite pose right now (because our favorite poses always change, right?) is standing savasana. It took a minute of thought for her to choose one when I asked her but it was chosen because of its’ grounding effects and keeps her shining smile facing the sun. Nic has been having some difficulty for a few years with family members’ mental health causing strain on her heart. She has so much love to give, and she definitely gives it, but that’s really all a person can do in her situation.


Nic also uses art as an emotional outlet! She makes beaded jewelry, mixed media collage, and she even does art journaling. You can see a page from her art journaling below and more of her work on her Instagram @njbeadedjewelry. Not only does she create art, she is art. You can feel the creative energy from Nic the second you’re in the same room with her— and not just because of her hair that goes from pink to blue in the blink of an eye! Nic also features her cute pup, Doc, on her Instagram! She takes him everywhere— even to the beach!