Yogis of Karma - Brandi McDuff

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Woo, glad I got that off my chest. This month we have chosen Brandi McDuff to highlight! She brought her precious pup, Jamm! (yes, with an exclamation mark, ‘cause that’s how she lives her life), and we went on a nice walk at North Lakes Park amongst the wildflowers.

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Brandi is a bit of a Wonderwoman. She has worked for around 10 years in medical records and currently works at a non-profit OBGYN. She has three degrees including a masters in Library and Information Science. She loves the library and finds solace renting their foreign movies and TV shows.


Brandi has been doing yoga for almost two years now. Like many of us, she started by taking classes on YouTube, seeking a way to stretch after lifting weights at the gym. She quickly discovered that yoga had a calming ability, so she started doing it before bed to help her sleep. Brandi was referred to KYD by a friend and her first class with us was our free, 6pm class on the square. Well, it was during the winter so it was at Andy’s. She said she had some anxiety before coming, like we all do before our first public class.

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Brandi’s favorite pose is pigeon!! Having tight muscles is so common for those of us with anxiety and pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) is so good for anxiety— stretching the psoas major muscle helps open up those tight hips and make way for deeper stretching. She keeps coming back to the practice to maintain her anxiety, a common and important intention.