Yogis of Karma - Kristina Nelson

Good morning, KYD, and happy Friday! This month we are highlighting Kristina Nelson. Kristina loves flow arts— she does yoga and hooping. Kristina has been hooping for about a year and a half now and feels so grounded while flowing barefoot in the grass. You can catch her flowing on the square pretty often!


Kristina started practicing yoga using tutorials online in January of 2018, but had a hard time committing to the practice fully. A friend of Kristina'’s suggested she attend a class in person, and a quick google search led her to Karma Yoga Denton.


During Kristina’s first in-person yoga class, the connection between breath and movement clicked in her head. This realization changed her yoga practice and drew her in further to the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.


Wheel is Kristina’s favorite asana (pose) because of how yummy it feels on her back and because it is a pose she didn’t expect herself to be able to do. It reminds her that she is strong, and that if she keeps practicing, she will feel more comfortable in her practice every day.