Yogis of Karma - Holly Telford

It feels like Holly has been there since the beginning. I remember her being at one of our very first classes at Mulberry Street Cantina, and even when life happens, and we don't get to see her beautiful smile in class, she still finds time to roll out her mat at home and bring some peace and serenity into her hectic life. The grace in which she juggles a career she is so passionate about, her kids and family that she cares so greatly for, and a a love for this community we can certainly relate to, is always an inspiration to ourselves and others. So grateful to have her as a friend and fellow yogi is this Karma Tribe.

Tiffany Johnson

A year ago I wasn't doing anything to take care of my health. I ate what I wanted and was a glorified couch potato. I was tired all the time. This was not working for me or my family. Being a full time nurse, taking call, and taking care of my sweet family felt like too much. I started struggling my inability to handle my life the way I wanted to. I felt like I had no control.

I decided to take action, do something different. Something for me. Karma yoga provided me with exactly what I needed. Flexible times that met my schedule and amazing instructors that empowered me. Time on my mat provides me with a sense of strength that I needed in my life. I now know how strong I really am and how to focus on my breath. Yoga isn't about showing off how flexible you are, it's about connecting with your inner strength and projecting that in your movements. Now I make sure I take the time I need for myself to reconnect with my breath and my strength on my mat as much as I can. I do it for me. I do it for my family.

Holly Telford