Monday Mantra - June 27th, 2016


“May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me.”


I was fortunate this weekend to find some time on my mat at a local studio. I craved solace, and wanted to be able to pull my attention inwards. Instead I got something a little unexpected.

Next to me in class was a group of four beginner yogis, varying in age and fitness. They had walked into a completely foreign environment with open minds and excitement in their hearts, but you could tell they need some help with understanding what the heck was going on… a little yogi translations. Other people there for class that morning were so kind and helpful, letting them know what the towels and water was for, showing them where to find the blocks, and how to lay down their mats.

You could tell they felt a little unprepared, and even though all I wanted on this Saturday morning was some time to be selfish, 75 minutes to care only about releasing the stress and tension that had started to consume my body due to some recent life events, I looked up at this amazing new yogi next to me and told her not to worry - that she could ask me questions any time during practice, and inquired as to what had led her to roll out a mat this morning. When she told me lower back pain, I could instantly relate. A connection had already been established because this is something I also deal with, and go to my mat time and time again to help alleviate. I explained child’s pose, and how with my sway back it really helped my sacrum, allowing the spine to get long as the chest lay over the thighs. She immediately gave it a try, asking what to do with her arms and her head. As she signed in relief, I couldn’t help but smile. This is why I got certified as a yoga instructor, to share yoga with others. And on this day, when I wanted everything to myself, I was provided with this gentle reminder that there is always an opportunity to share and give back.

As we made our way through a sweaty and challenging class, I made sure to whisper over to her what a great job she was doing whenever I saw any hesitation. The excitement and curiosity she had as we moved through the flow, never holding back, always at least trying each pose that was presented reminded me how truly amazing this practice is. There is always something to learn, something new to take in, a different layer to peel back and find something totally new and inspiring. Even when you tumble out of a pose, or get frustrated because your practice isn’t where you want it to be, let that space inspire you. It means there is a journey to be had, and it is one of the most unique and trans-formative journeys you will ever embark on. 


Namaste - Tiffany Johnson