Our pose this week may have one of the longest names ever, and it is a challenging balancing pose that provides lots of opportunities to laugh at yourself. Andie Sterling demos the steps for us outside Fuzzy's in front of the 35Denton Mural. 


Standing Revolved Hand to Big Toe Pose


Begin by creating a strong foundation in the standing leg, in the case of our post today the right one, by connecting all four corners of the foot to the ground. Pressing the pads of the toes down, and rooting down through the sides of the feet. As you engage the quad, notice the knee cap lift and begin to reach up through the crown of the head. Each vertebra stacks on top of the other, and the shoulders relax, the blades drawing down the back. 


Bend the left knee, so it looks like you are stepping the left foot on top of a box. Interlace the fingers outside the knee cap, but make sure to pay attention to your posture and try to keep a nice long spine. Flex all the toes in the left foot, and be mindful of the core. Our lightness and balance comes from our center, scoop the belly button in and up to use the low abs and create a lift from the pelvic floor. 


Take your right hand outside the left knee and extend the left hand to the sky. The palm faces inward to let the shoulders continue to relax down the back. Allow the ribs to knit in towards each other with each exhale, and each inhale lengthening through the side body. 


You can add the twist here by allowing the left hand to reach behind you, squaring off the chest to the long side of the mat. Or, you can begin to bend the left knee, and the right hand will grasp the outside of the right foot. The thumb is lowest in the hold, all the finger tips should make contact with the sole of the foot. Begin to extend the left leg, sending energy through the left heel, and keeping the foot flex, the left hand reach behind to complete the twist. Each inhale reach up through the crown of the head to get tall, and then as you empty the belly with each exhale the body will naturally come into a deeper twist. 


Remember if you fall out of the pose, it’s okay. Let the space that resides between where you are and where you want to be inspire you! The best memories are on our mats are the ones where we discover humility and humbleness. Happy balancing!