Yogis of Karma - Sabrina Fritz

The vulnerability our fellow yogis come forward with overwhelms my heart. I remember Sabrina’s first class, and the excitement she had for her yoga practice. The love she had for her fiancé (and now wife!) and the positive energy that radiated off of her when she showed up for each class. She was one of the first to join us out on the lawn, sweating bullets in the heat, fire engines always going by during savasana, but she kept coming back. Creating a habit, staying committed. I am so proud of how far she has come on her mat, and honored to know her as a fellow yogi and friend. -Tiffany



I was asked if I would like to write about what yoga means to me and how it impacted my life, inspired me on and off the mat, so here it goes.  I have debated on how deep I wanted to go into what yoga really means and how it has impacted and inspired me.  Yoga to me is being in the moment, loving yourself, and letting all judgmental thoughts I have about myself go. It is my way of living spiritually.

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It was about a year ago when a dear dear friend of mine introduced me to Karma Yoga Denton.  I was wanting to lose weight and get into shape for my wedding in August.  I was very ashamed since I was not the stereotypical yogi person.  I have been fighting with emotional eating for years. With having a stressful job and low self-esteem the only thing that I could control was food.  When I started KYD I was afraid of being judged, talked about, and laughed at.  I was even afraid that they may asked me to leave on the first day.  I could have not be more wrong.  KYD has helped me with challenging myself, giving me peace, and has helped me with my emotional eating.  I know that may sound strange, but yoga has helped me with emotional eating.  Yoga has been my strength to overcome and help me manage the stress. The KYD tribe has been supportive from day one.  I remember when I could not do pigeon and Tiffany showed me how I could modify the pose and that it was okay to do modifications.  At that moment I realize that KYD was for me.  I know when I don’t go weeks on end I find myself falling back into my emotional eating habits.  I am still fighting with the emotional eating, still struggling with my self-esteem, but when I am there, there is no judgment what so ever.  I am okay with doing modified poses, because it has only made me stronger, happier, and be able to come into a place of peace so that I can graduate from the modified pose to the actually pose its self.  KYD tribe is the friendliest, loving, supportive, and caring group that I have ever been introduce to.

When I started, I asked my wife now, to go with me.  I thought that this would help her as well.  She has been so loving and supportive of me going that she decided to go.  And she still goes with me to this day as long as she can.  My aunt who has seen the change yoga has brought me, has decided to join KYD.   So I would like to thank, my dear dear friend who introduced me to yoga and to KYD for everything they have done for me.  They may not know it but they have really helped me change my way of living, eating, and the way I see myself as a person.


- Sabrina Fritz-