While the ladies at The Dentonite take a well-deserved break, we are moving the weekly Art an Om post to our KYD Blog. This week’s pose is Boat to Canoe, in front of the bright and fun mural outside Flamingo Liquors, and the lovely Kacie Rice demonstrates for us! 

 Many of us tend to feel like a sinking ship in boat and canoe pose, but both of these postures are so good for engaging the core and building strength in the body.

Start off by making sure your sits bones are connected into the mat, moving some of that glute (aka junk in the trunk) so you can be connected to the mat. Flex your feet, drawing the toes back to the shin and reaching through the ball mound of the foot. Now that we woke up all the muscles in our legs, bring your fingertips behind the thighs and gently lift the heels off the ground. You can hold here for a few breaths, hugging the outside of the hips and thighs in to help find some stillness.

To advance the posture, reach your peace fingers for the big toes, and begin to extend the legs away from you. Reach up from heart center to broaden the chest and release the shoulders. Don’t forget about the core, draw the ribs in towards each other with each exhale and lengthen through the side body with each inhale. If you want to take this pose a step further, release the toes and reach the hands out in front of you, palms facing up to the sky on either side of the extended legs.

From the full expression of boat pose, you can really work the core by lowering the heels and shoulders to a hover for canoe. Let the gaze be to the toes, and fire up the core by drawing the belly button towards the spine. Lower from boat to canoe on an inhale with a full breath, and then exhale to lift back up into boat pose. Moving from pose to pose with the breath is a great crunchless core exercise that I personally love to hate, but I can’t deny the connection it allows me to develop with my center.