This week’s installation of Art & Om takes us through Tree Pose. This pose offers some many different variations, that you can really root down and rise up into something authentic and personal. Crystal takes us into Tree Pose in front of the murals behind Bullseye Bike Shop. 


Like with all poses we start from the ground up. Root down through all four corners of the left foot to start off. Engage the quad, feel the knee caps lift, and then engage the bhandas my pulling the belly button in and up. This will also encourage the shoulders to roll down and back as the chest lifts. Turn the right knee out, and bring the sole of the foot to the ankle of the standing leg. Keep the hips levels, by drawing the right hip down slightly, and reach up through the crown of the head for a nice long spine and to keep the shoulders over the hips. 

To take this pose a step further, lift the sole of the foot to the calf or the inner thigh, above or below the knee cap. Gently press the foot into the calf/ thigh and the calf/thigh into the sole of the foot. Tail bones is tucked down to shift the hips slightly forward, and you can try bringing the hands into heart center. 

Come into the full expression of tree by extending the hands to the sky, palms facing up. You can add a challenge here by closing the eyes, or letting the hands and arms sway in the breeze. Don’t forget about the standing leg and the core, you want to continue to stay rooted while creating lightness from your center. 

Twisted Tree is a fun variation to challenge your balance. Bring your hands down to shoulder height, extending out through the finger tips. Turn your chest so that your gaze is over the bent knee, and you get a detoxifying twist for the upper body. Use your breath to go a little deeper, get taller on the inhale and on the exhale draw the right shoulder back to help propel open the chest.