Yogis of Karma - Michi Pointdexter

Michi’s smile is so contagious! I had so much fun getting their pictures because their smile just lit up as they came into a new pose. They is an amazing individual, talented photographer, and sweet soul. Them and their sister are two of our new blog contributors, and we are so looking forward to have them more involved in what we are doing and share their yummy recipes with our community. We know they will inspire you to roll out your mat, the way their energy and excitement for their practice have inspired us. - Tiffany


My first experience with yoga was just a few poses and savasana to stay flexible and stress free for my dance practice. When I was 16 I started developing Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. The joint pain ended my ability to do dance as my source of inner body peace. Until I joined Karma 5 years later, I let my physical limitations with Lupus weigh me down.

My first class was a late night on the lawn, I was nervous because my joints were limited, but for only $5 the only thing I had to lose was becoming embarrassed. It was a challenging class but I quickly realized no one was paying attention to me, everyone was focusing on themselves, on their mats and the only thing I was receiving from them was positive energies to keep going. Before I knew it, I was so in love with my yogi tribe, I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner. It was difficult at first to push past the pain, but Karma gave me a medicine that no doctor could. My stress levels lowered, my joint pain became manageable, and my fatigue became easier with the energy I was receiving from class. My fellow yogi’s did that for me, and because of them, I don’t let Lupus win. Even if its hard to get out of bed in the morning, even if my joints hurt to where I want to cry, even if I have to stay in child’s pose for half of class, I get up and I get to class because of them and I know them pushing me makes me healthier and happier.

There is no community I have seen that has that sort of effect, like karma yoga does to me. It can turn the worst day into the best day with a simple one-hour practice. We help each other become strong, driven and peaceful. 


-Michi P.-