Yogis of Karma - Kati Trice

Sometimes people come into your life, and the ripples they create with their presence, you never even see it coming. Kati is one of those people for me. She is a constant source of inspiration with her positive attitude, big ole heart, and the way she goes all in when it comes to this community and her yoga practice. - Tiffany

Your Intention and Seeing with New Eyes

Setting an intention. Sounds like a good idea, right? In our lives, it’s easy to get swept away by the day’s tasks and our responsibilities to others. Karma Yoga gives us the opportunity to stop, breathe, and for a moment in our day reconnect with a deeper self in the stillness of the studio space.


This deeper self does not judge you. She is full of self love. She does not compete against others to form the best pose, but instead listens to what her own body is telling her. She does not think about the moments before the class or the moments after. She is present in that moment. She has a quiet mind and an open heart.


Karma Yoga offers each of us the opportunity to step into another world that is full of self love, presence, and grace.


At the beginning of each class, seated in an upright position on your mat with legs crossed, you create an intention for the time you will be spending on your mat. Karma Yoga creates the space for you to set that intention. And it is an opportunity for you to put everything else aside and focus on what you need to tell yourself in that moment.


At the end of each class after the final restful corpse pose, you then roll to your side and create a fetal position shape with your body for a few breaths. This is the most important pose to me. Why? Because each yoga class ends with corpse pose, a kind of death. And in the fetal position we are reborn. We are given the gift to begin again with new eyes and a new life.

In my own life and yoga practice I often set the intention to be present, to let go of things that do not serve me, to be kind to myself in word and thought, to reward myself, and to love myself. What are your intentions for yourself? I challenge you to join us on your mat and explore how we can be our best selves together.

Kati Trice