Monday Mantra - August 1st

“Strength doesn’t come from what you do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” – Ashley Greene



There are so many ways to be strong. To have the strength to recognize what you are truly capable of, the vastness of possibilities, and still allow yourself to be humbled by them. I think the hardest part for me, is letting myself cry. 

Getting a little personal today, my therapist tells me I have a high level of emotional awareness. I am able to look at an issue from several view points, and evaluate my next step or how to react to an event with a level mind and heart. When I get really overwhelmed with something, I just think of yoga, my practice, and slowing down my breath. I fight back tears, I try and push through the emotional waves that wash over me as a way to show my own strength. The idea of not letting myself break. 

Society has guided us into believing that women or even men crying is a sign of weakness, it is hard to let our walls down and allow ourselves to be vulnerable when it is looked upon as something embarrassing, something meant to be hidden. But doesn’t yoga teach us that being vulnerable is a show of strength? Being aware of our emotions and the need to express them, and having the compassion for yourself to be open with those needs.

The past couple months have been the greatest challenge I have ever faced in my personal life. They have cause me to take a step back from teaching, and to develop a tremendous amount of anxiety around large groups. If I learned anything from this, it is that allowing myself to release some of my anxiety and fears through a good cry is almost like a way to acknowledge and seal your own strength. Strength comes from the ability to accept, adapt, and overcome. Not always by yourself either. The support system of family, friends that are like family, and just surrounding yourself with people who care for and support you can help you find the strength you need. Even when we cry, and break down those stubborn walls to let the tears flow, you don’t have to be alone. 


We all have the strength to persevere, to rise from the ashes, to embody the sacredness of ourselves, and to know that we are capable of so much.  


With love and gratitude - Tiffany J.