Yogis of Karma - Chelli Allison

After you read this, you will literally ask yourself "why am I not doing yoga?" I usually try and write a few words about the author, but Chelli leaves me speechless in the best way possible. She inspires me, and I know she will inspire you too! - Tiffany J. 


When asked to write about my experience with yoga my initial response was, “Oh my gosh what am I going to write?”. After a couple of days I realized that the impact yoga has had on me has been pretty significant.
    I am a new yogi. I started my practice this March at one of the yoga on the lawn events. Previous to this I was a runner and a swimmer and loved all things fast (really, REALLY fast). I had recently gotten yet ANOTHER injury from running and decided it was time to take a break. Why not try yoga I thought. It might be really great I thought. Boy am I glad I did!!!

    I remember being really nervous that first night that I rolled out my mat. I had no idea what to expect and if I would even be able to do yoga at all. I remember thinking, “Gosh, I don’t want to be THAT PERSON that doesn’t look like I know what I am doing.” I quickly realized that yoga was unlike any other “sport” that I had ever tried. Near the end of yoga that night , while in happy baby pose with my rear shining to all that drove down Oak Street,  I realized that maybe it was ok to expose the areas of my life that weren’t pretty or comfortable.
    I have always been an extreme person and have chased after perfectionism and comparison although realizing that neither are healthy. I often found myself chasing after the end goal and never really appreciating just being in the moment and enjoying where I am in life.
    Previous to yoga I always felt that I had not “arrived” in every thing that I had tried in regards to health and wellness. I was never fast enough. I was never skinny enough. I was never going to be as good as fill in the blank. Through the time that I have spent on my mat I have realized that I am exactly who I was made to be and to relish the time and space that I occupy while on my mat.
    Through my time since March I have realized that everyone’s practice is different, but no less impactful within their own lives and the lives of those around them. Through my practice I have learned to truly savor the journey. It is a time for ME,  a time to be wholly present with where I am in life. I am not going to lie, seeing people seemingly melt into king pigeon is envious but someday I’ll get there. For now though I am going to continue to truly be present in the journey that is yoga and enjoy my practice. If you haven’t tried yoga then maybe you should. It could end being one of the greatest things you choose to do.
    In conclusion I would like to give an official shout out to all of the yoga teachers that make Karma Yoga so WONDERFUL. Thank you guys for your time, encouragement and devotion to yogis and the community of the one and only fabulous Denton. See you on the mat.