Monday Mantra - August 15th

"You have the power to heal yourself, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we're not. We always have the power of our minds. Claim and consciously use your power." - Louise Hay

I don't know if anybody else noticed, but there was so much negativity on social media this weekend I pretty much ignored my phone on Sunday. It was disappointing to see people that I know being so cruel to others, critical of individuals taking steps for a good cause with the best intentions, and seeing other people I know support these posts and comments. It hurt my heart, because a lot of this stems from a lack of emotional maturity. An inability to accept responsibility for our own emotions, our own thoughts, and our own words. It's the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have them do to you." Wouldn't you want to be respected for your opinion? Wouldn't you want someone to thoughtfully process what you put out into the world before reacting to it? If someone was hurt or offended by something you said, wouldn't you want them to create a conversation instead of resorting to something as immature as dragging you through the mud over social media?

And this goes to an even deeper than the surface level that is social media. How do you treat yourself on the mat? Are your thoughts envious of the yogi next to you? Are you conjuring negative thoughts about your own practice? Are you letting the weight of everything else going on in your life hold you down, hold you back from what you are capable of? 

In our trigger happy society, with everything one click away, it is so important to be soft, to be gentle, to be kind. I don't have a mantra for this week but more so a message I just feel the need to share:

"Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can."
and take this as "Be gentle with everyone, we are all doing the best we can."

Apply it to each moment, to each thought, and see how happier you become. 


Tiffany J.