This weeks Art&Om takes through a bounded Side Angle and Triangle, with Jasmine demonstrating in front of the RGRS Beating Heart Mural. 

Beginning in Warrior 2 with the right foot forward, make sure that the right knee is drawing out and the weight is even,y dispersed between the feet. 

Transitioning into Side Angle is done from the core and waist area, and the lower body stays the exact same. Gently press the elbow into the knee or thigh, and the thigh or knee into the elbow to create additional engagement in the postures. Shoulders are stacked, and there is energy and awareness all the way through the lifted right hand to the finger tips. Hug the inner thighs in towards each other, rooting down through the knife edge side of each foot. 

To come into a half bind, you can release the lifted right hand to the small of the back, rotating the chest even more so up to the sky. For a full bind you will thread the right hand underneath the thigh, reaching for the left finger tips. You can also use a strap, towel, or even a tie to close the gap between the left and right fingers. Lift the side body off the thigh by activating the core, and continue to lift from the heart as you lengthen out through the crown of the head with each inhale. 



Gently release the bind, coming back into Warrior 2 on the right side. To make your way into Triangle, begin to shift the hips to the back of the mat and reach the finger tips to the front of the mat. When you've reached your full extension, drop the right fingers down to the shin, the mat, or even a block. Stack the shoulders, rotating the chest up just like in Side Angle. Keep the tail bone tucked under and shift the hips forward, continuing to root down through the feet. 

These poses offer a lot of opportunities to incorporate props such as blocks or straps. If you don't have any handy, you can use a towel or tie for a strap and a book as a block. These are also great poses for opening up the chest, and to try and take your poses a little further by adding in a bind.