Yogis of Karma - Alana Quintanilla

It's is really amazing how people end up in our midst, how one interaction can lead to a new path or experience. I remembering having Alana in a late night yoga class I was subbing, and her warm personality immediately put me at ease as we waited for more yogis to arrive. So grateful the chain reaction of events that took place did, and she has become a treasured member of this Karma Yoga family. - Tiffany J


I grew up in San Diego and moved to Texas 3 years ago when I was just 19 years old. I am so happy with my life here in Texas, and a few months into living here I decided that I had much more free time I could invest in myself. I had always envied the beautiful women in southern California carrying their mats. I would imagine what it would be like to have an hour, money, and some free time to enjoy something as luxurious as yoga. Here in Texas I looked at Groupon and tried a few places in Plano to practice at. I eventually found a place I belonged and started to really enjoy my practice. I practiced there for a year or so before moving to Denton. When I moved to Denton I was changing schools, moving, and overwhelmed. As expected I got really sick with multiple infections and did not get totally better until March. I tried a few studios around town, but lacked the inspiration and welcomed feeling I had once experienced at previous studios. I met Jessica LuForte and she was so sweet! She invited me to try Karma Yoga out, and I was happy to be so welcomed. I was needing to not only find an outlet to practice here in my new home, but a community- I found that at Karma. The teachers are all so real, approachable and kind. Through KYD I was able to gain my confidence and my flow back in my life- and I am deeply grateful. Never have I felt more accepted in something so close to my heart. Karma Yoga is a place I can share my passion, my love for yoga with others and each class we build such a energy. 
    I combine my Karma practice with Summit studio, as I have a really irregular schedule with work and school coming up. The combination of the two is perfect! Summit teachers are also welcoming, community oriented and kind! The studio is easy for me to get to, walking distance from the square and affordable. Every class I leave feeling relaxed and ready to conquer my days with confidence. Yoga gives me the confidence to work a emotionally difficult job and maintain my mental and physical health. Yoga soothes my soul and makes me want to use what I learn in practice in my daily life. My yoga has changed the way I handle stress, work and my personal life. Nothing can't be solved with some deep breathing and maybe a meditation session. Yoga has greatly improved my anxiety and other struggles I have been through in my life. 
    Tiffany reached out to me through my Instagram account to blog in a summer reading series and I am so happy to have gotten this opportunity! I never thought I could be a part of something as cool as Karma yoga, as cool as those beautiful yogis I would envy in San Diego. A huge thank you to Karma Yoga Denton for making me feel like a part of something I never knew I needed to be a part of. I am so deeply honored to be a part of this community. Thank you to the beautiful yogis I have met here in Texas, and feel free to reach out to me anytime! I am so willing to make friends and talk- we can share stories, explore Denton, or just experience a class together!