Lord of the Fishes - Seated Twist

This week we move through a wonderful detoxifying seated pose that is great for the digestive system, side body, and spine. Melissa demonstrates for us outside the beautiful mural at The Cupboard.


Start off by coming into Staff Pose. Pull any extra glute out of the way so that your sits bones are connected down into the mat. Gently press down through the heels, while flexing the feet, drawing the toes back to the shins. Reach up through the crown of the head, stacking the vertebra of the spine, and slightly lower the chin. Palms are in line with the hips, and our shoulder blades draw back to create an opening in the chest. 

This next step is easy, just hug your right knee in towards you, and bring the right heel as close as you can to the right glute. 

Step the right foot to the outside of the left thigh, rooting down through the sole of the foot and hug the outside of the right thigh in. Walk your right fingertips behind you, and place the palm down on the mat creating a little kickstand for your torso. Rise the left hand up into the air, and let this action stretch out the spine while you hug the low ribs in. Knit them together on the exhale as if you are putting on a corset.

Bring your left elbow outside the right knee, you can take the palm open faced or come into Mudra. Remember to keep the left foot flexed, and the heel gently pressing down into the mat. As you inhale, reach up through the crown of the head, and as you exhale the torso will naturally twist. You can use gentle pressure to help encourage the movement but don't force it by pressing the left elbow into the right knee. Continue to ride the wave of breath, twisting deeper with each exhale.