This weeks installment brings us back to half moon pose. It has been popping up in a lot of our classes recently, and Alana demonstrates for us in front of the mural at the Discover Denton Visitors Center. Alana is also one of our blog contributors! Go check out her post on our blog!  

We will begin in Warrior 2 pose, and in this case our right foot is forward. For those new to Vira 2, make sure you root down through the soles of the feet, pressing through the outsides, this will also allow you to more evenly disperse your weight since you are mindfully sending energy to the knife edge side of the back foot. Hug the right knee out, while simultaneously drawing the outside of the right thigh in. Moving into Side Angle, let the lower body stay the exact same and just worry about moving the torso as you extend the right fingertips to the ground letting the right elbow press gently into the high to help open the right hip. Reach up through the left fingertips, keeping the pinky finger internally rotated. Dropping the hips to be level, rotate the chest up to the sky, lifting from heart center.

Bring the right fingertips to the ground in front of and just to the right of the front foot. Stacking the shoulders and the hips, launch off from your left foot. Knit in the ribs and remember to keep the core engaged using your Uddiyana bhanda or core lock. Flex the left foot, peeling the toes back to the shin, and reach through the heel. You can also use a block under the right hand to help bring the ground closer to you and get a better stretch in the right side body, or even doing this pose against a wall to help with balance.   

To add another level to the pose and get a great quad stretch, bend the left knee and reach for the foot with the right hand. You can draw the heel into the glute or press the top of the foot in the hand for an additional shoulder stretch as the gaze falls to the right finger tips. Think lightness and be aware of your body's alignment, and you will soar into your Half Moon! Have fun yogis!