Art&Om - Sun Salutations

Oaktopia is upon us and there is no better way to shake off the cobwebs and get the body ready for a day fo rockin' out then a few Sun Salutations. We are taking you through A & B, these flows are better than a cup of coffee, and a great way to begin the day.

Begin in Mountain Pose, Tadasana, with hands at heart center and begin to connect with your breath. Becoming present in your body, in your thoughts, in this moment. On an inhale, raise the hands overhead and with the exhale fold over the legs with a flat back. Feel free to put a generous bend in the knees as we begin to wake up the hamstrings.

Inhale, lift up half way to a flat back, fingertips to the mat or the shines. Exhale folding back down into the legs. 

In one inhale plant the hands and step back into plank pose, allowing the exhale to lower the heart down to the mat or halfway into Chaturanga. 

Untuck the toes, and inhale sweep the heart through for cobra or upward facing dog. Yogis choice!

As you exhale, shift the hips up and back to the sky for downward facing dog. You can pause here for a few breaths, walking out the legs, shifting the hips. 

Inhale, rise halfway, exhale fold back down and in. When you're ready inhale up on to the toes and step to the front of the mat, exhaling into a forward fold. 

On our next breath in, rising all the way back up to Tadasana, reaching through the fingertips to the sky and exhale hands into heart center.

BOOM! Sun Salutation A complete. I like to do 3-5 to warm up my body in the morning, and get the sleep out of my eyes. 


For Sun Salutation B, we use the same basic flow and add in a couple more postures. 

Instead of transitioning into a forward fold from Tadasana, we lower into chair pose. Feet can be hips distance apart and the knees, or big toes touch, heels apart, and knees gently press into each other. 

An exhale takes us out of chair pose and into our forward fold. 

Inhale lift half way, exhale fold inwards. Placing the hands on the mat and making our way through plank, cobra or updog, and into downward facing. 

Sweep the right heel to the sky on an inhale, and draw the knee in towards the as the hips and shoulders roll forward. Place the foot in between the hands at the top of the mat, and inhale sweep the hands to the sky into Warrior 1. 

Hold for a few breaths, and on an exhale, cartwheel the hands down to the mat. Stepping back into plank, you can move through your vinyasa (plank, corbra/updog/back to downdog) or lift the hips up in back into downward dog. 

Repeat this on the opposite side. Once you arrive back into downdog, inhale high up on the toes and step or hop to the top of the mat bringing the feet to meet the hands. 

Inhale halfway lift and with the exhale draw the chest to the thighs. Inhale, tailbone drops and the chest lifts for chair pose. Exhale rise up into Mountain, hands find heart center. 

Repeat as you like, adding any new postures or different variations of your favorites. Salutations offer a great opportunity get creative, and explore your own personal practice.

We put it all together for you in the video below that is available on our Instagram and Facebook!