Making the Perfect Playlist - Oaktopia Edition

With Oaktopia upon us, we created the perfect playlist for you to shake your Asana too! Check it out on our unofficial SoundCloud:

How to Make Your Own Yoga Playlist

Alana Quintanilla
Instagram: @growbythesun

    When I play with Spotify playlists I think about the practice I want to have while listening to it. Sometimes I want a flow that is powerful, funky, made for a really tough mood. I want music that makes me feel strong and brave, ready to own *insert hard standing pose here*. Other times when I try to have a slow, relaxing practice I will play acoustic covers and mellow music (see Nick Drake, John Mayer, Lights acoustic, etc). For savasana, always an uplifting and soft song- there is nothing like laying in savasana feeling achieved and listening to a song that matches the indescribable feeling in your soul. I think for most of us music takes us to a place in our minds that influences the way we process things in our minds. For me, listening to Elvis, Cash, Willie, and Springsteen, takes me to a place of nostalgia and excitement. Sometimes I will turn on these artists for a reflective flow, pausing often to absorb the emotions I associate with the music. And having reactions to the music is cathartic, as is your practice.

    Something about a great beat makes getting into an arm balance that much easier to smile whether you fall or hold still. I have been in classes where we did goddess squats and ab work to Beyonce and Lana Del Rey. Nothing is more liberating and motivating than listening to Beyonce serve some sass while you try to forget your burning thighs! My playlists are typically based on how I was feeling on that day-which is typically what happens when you practice at home and create your own vinyasa. I love Lights, her acoustic for savasana or meditation and the pop for peak poses. My Strong Flow playlist has strong female songs featuring Halsey and Amy Whinehouse, but also Nirvana. I like playlists that cause you to wiggle your hips, move around in a pose that would otherwise be formulated. A great playlist can turn cat and cow into a strange barnyard dance-but it usually ends up being an amazing opening! Do not be afraid to move your body, do what feels right-take in what serves you and leave the rest. Oaktopia will be no different! Come move your wiggly bodies to awesome music with us and celebrate music, free movement and love from fellow yogis!