Slackers of the Karma Community- Will Primrose

The Denton community is brimming with talented, skilled, hard working, creative individuals who want to share their knowledge with others. During the weekly Denton AcroYoga/Slacklining Jams, Will always goes out of his way to answer questions or offer guidance to anyone wanting to try their hand (or feet) at walking the line. It isn't always about yoga, but the individuals in this Denton Karma Community who are trying share their knowledge and expertise with others. Inspiring us to get off the couch, get out of our heads, and into our bodies. Will is leading a free Intro to Slackline Workshop the last weekend in October, check in on our Facebook for more details. - Tiffany J.

The first time I stepped on a slackline was in 2012 at UNT’s rock climbing wall. That day, I couldn’t stay balanced on it at all. Nor the next day, or the day after. However, that proved to be an exciting challenge! I was quickly hooked on figuring out how to stand on the line. Once I finally could, and once I crossed the full length of a line for the first time, I was thrilled to think to myself “holy cow, I just did that!” That feeling is what drives me to continue slacklining today.

            As I entered my teenage years, I was no longer compelled to traditional team sports. I played baseball in elementary school and found I didn’t care for all the structure that goes into making the game happen. For this reason, I’ve found my place in slacklining. It’s an activity I can do together with others, and we can all teach and encourage each other while doing it, but the real work comes down to my self-realization. I can relate much of the mental and physical challenges I experience on the line to my own personal development. For example, the three trips I’ve made slacklining have taught valuable me lessons on facing self-criticism and finding composure in stressful situations.

Slacklining to me is a form of moving meditation. Balancing on the line becomes something I’m so focused on and involved in doing that I’m not thinking about anything other than my performance. My stresses quell and I can work to realize my full potential. In this regard, I find a lot of crossover between yoga and slacklining. So for about the past year I’ve started to incorporate the mindset and practice of yoga onto the slackline. It’s my aspiration to share this perspective of slacklining with yogis here in Denton.