Shake Your Asana - Slow Flow I

In addition to working us out on Sundays at Audacity, Christian makes some of the best playlist hands down.  He was kind enough to share his insight into what goes on in the creation process and his infamous Slow Flow I playlist. 


"For me, music is a big part of my classes. Whether it’s a slow flow or yin type of class or a more invigorating hot flow class, I want the music to be more than just background noise. I try to bring a subtle theme or story to the playlist; though most students don’t pick up on it since most aren’t actively listening the entire class. But, maybe a lyric or chord resonates with them during a pose that makes it memorable and takes them a little deeper into their practice at least for a moment. I tend to use very rhythmic music, EDM, deep house, and tropical chill tracks and stay away from anything you would hear on a Top40 radio station. I try to keep the tracks positive, even if it’s a breakup type of song it would still have an empowering feel so that it can be motivating for someone in their practice. Above all else, I work to keep it simple so the songs will blend together well without breaking the flow of the class. "

- Christian

Christian's path in yoga started seven years ago when his best friend urged him to try a class for the first time. From that first class, he knew he had found that missing element from not only his physical fitness but also from his mental and spiritual journey. He is a graduate of the Inspire Yoga Teacher Training program and his classes focus on strength and flexibility for all levels while using the breath to bring balance to his student's practice. After finding that balance in his own practice, he strives to bring that awareness to his students thru a creative class and his love of music.  Outside of teaching in yoga in the Denton area, he works in graphic design in both print publishing and web design. He is a self-described 'foodie' that enjoys cooking, baking and torturing his family and friends with all things chocolate. When not practicing yoga, you will find him keeping up with his teenage son and planning his next travel adventure.