Finding Flight - AcroYoga Workshop w/ Nosie Yogi

Nosie Yogi Denton Road 2 Devine Acroyoga Workshop

Review by: Alana (@growbythesun)

This workshop was my first acroyoga experience. I guess I chose to dive in head first (quite literally) into a three hour commitment. You sort of have to be open minded when you have committed to three hours of something you have never done before. 

Everyone was smiling, happy, like they have been friends for years. People sat their mats down and talked. I could tell everyone was as excited as I was because of the warm energy in the room. We all sat down and introduced ourselves. We shared what our favorite snacks were, laughed. It seemed natural. People ranged in experience with acroyoga, me-who had never tried before to people who had years of practice. We warmed up and then watched Nosa and Susie show us a few things. The basics on technique, trust, and tips on how not to land on your face. The added bonus of the Point Bank tiles under us gave higher incentive to “spot” each other with diligence. We got into various groups, swapped between base, flyer, and spotter. Everyone took turns and encouraged each other wherever they were. When others could see that someone was going up, they would jump in and give tips and kind words-high fives were always there afterwards. We would go back in forth, from playing to watching Nosa and Susie practice.

Nosa and Susie share a special bond. You can see the energy between them, their connection is beautiful to watch. It was inspiring to see that amount of love and trust between two people, it facilitated the same love and care between complete strangers in the room. You could hear gentlewords, “I got you” and “you got this” were so kindly said. At the end of the acro play time, we settled down and “balanced” our practice for the night, as Nosa referred to it as. It was confirmation that even the most talented yogis believe in slowing it down and nourishing their bodies with gentle touch.

I think one of the more important things I learned was trust. I recognized, knew a few people there. But overall I did not know most of the people and I had never done acroyoga before. Not only did I feel fully comfortable inverting and relying on others to spot and base my body-I felt safe. I felt welcomed, invited, special and relaxed. I felt encouraged. My advice is to not turn down something cool just because you are afraid of the what ifs. Be strong, be brave, and just go for it.

Learn more about Susie and Nosa at

Learn more about Susie and Nosa at