Getting it Together & Putting it in a Planner

Law of Attraction Success Planner (A5) by Freedom Mastery

Reviewed by Alana (@growbythesun)

planner 2.jpg

Back in June I felt overwhelmed with scheduling two jobs, life, yoga, and tracking my goals each month. I am a listing fiend, interested in my own patterns and thoughts each month. I also need something physical to do so. After some research, Wal-Mart trips and Google searches, I decided on the Law of Attraction Success Planner. This planner is around $20 and is sleek, bound cover that does not weight much and is a decent enough size you can throw it in a bag and carry it around with you.

This planner offers the best of both worlds-it organized daily, weekly, and monthly, has margins for notes, to do lists, and daily checklists. It comes with a “positive habit maker” which are daily goals like mediate, gratitude/love, and exercise but it also has blanks where I write in every week whether I took my vitamins and read that day. I also will make notes on my personal health in the blank space, I like to go back and see how being regular with my vitamins positively effects how I feel. In the daily space, you can organize in half hour increments. This is where I note my work and school schedule, and add in possible yoga classes or time slots I have available to study or do chores. In the top left corner is a box for that week’s goal, and you choose a reward if you complete this task. I usually choose a sweet, a Lush item, or a new clothing item. But sometimes I choose an item on my Amazon wish list. Once, I got myself a waterproof bag to put my phone. It’s basically an excuse to treat yourself and it is wonderful.

                On each weekly page there are inspirational or thought provoking quotes. I sometimes read them, but usually it ends up with me questioning whether or not Albert Einstein really said that. There are too many people using quotes and choosing from a basket of random names.

So the great part of this planner, is that you do not have to have set a New Year’s Resolution to get one. The dates are blank, which means you can start this whenever (I chose mid-June which is too late for the planner game). Apparently, if you use fancy pens and own a microwave you can reset what you have written. Because microwaves can erase pens, which is why I don’t own one. Now I have not tested this (because I try not to be lazy and use microwaves), but I want a permanent record. And special pens sound like a lot of responsibility. But, if you want to revisit the 90’s with invisible ink type feels, you do you boo.


The part of this planner that I am still trying to totally navigate and use, is the reflection pages after each month is over. You can log your top achievements, things you learned, things you struggled with, things you did not achieve, and writing about your emotional and progress internally. There are also two pages for ideas, and notes. Now, I use the ideas/notes pages for random thoughts throughout the month or things that do not fit into the prewritten sections. I also like to log the emotional and wellbeing markers. I think that progress wise it will be good to look back and see where my headspace was at and look at my meditation, exercise and vitamin consistency and see if there are correlations. As far as achievements, I usually consider myself successful on certain ideas of what I should do and what I want to do. If I take my vitamins at least 6 days a week, attend at least 5 yoga classes, and spend time with my people, I consider that week a success. This section of the planner also takes a decent amount of time if you actually fill it out and consider what your truth is. But I enjoy the idea of taking time at the end of the month to reflect and jot down your state.