Monday Mantra - September 23rd

“I let others know how I am really feeling.”

Happy Monday yogis! This week we continue to dive into our emotions. We put the work in last week to open our eprange of feeling within ourselves and this week we process and grow, one of my newest pet peeves as I dive more into yoga philosophy is the idea of “good vibes only”, “stay positive” etc. We were given a full range of emotions to help us process life. It’s similar to how we have pain receptors to express when to pull away from a burning stove, to not cause physical damage to our physical body experiencing our ideas of “negative” emotions do the same for our mental/emotional bodies.

On your mat, this week I invite you to close your heart and throat chakra off with forward folds. Protect your heart and allow it to express its full range of emotions to yourself and find healthy ways to express those feelings on your mat. Use the physical body to communicate your true feelings.

Off your mat, pay attention to your words and thoughts this week, make a list of every time you either think something bad towards yourself, find yourself holding back how you feel will talking to someone else, or overall pushing down true feelings due to good vibes only. Evaluate how by expressing these feelings, the change that may occur in your interactions with others and yourself.

-Namaste, Michi P.


This passionate knowledge seeking teacher, started their yoga journey with karma a few years ago and after falling in love with the community of yoga completed their 200hr Teacher Training at Yoga from the Heart. They have been a Dentonite since 2014, graduated from TWU and runs community groups. With their trauma-informed certification, they emphasize trauma healing by sharing healing techniques to take yoga off the mat. Aside from yoga, they enjoy outdoor activities, reading and mix media art.