Monday Mantra - September 30th

“I surrender to the natural flow.”

Happy Monday yogis! The new moon in Libra from this past weekend has many of us feeling stagnant and in a position where we find ourselves working too hard for too little of an outcome. Ask yourself what area in your life has been put at a stand still and decide whether it is the right time to find movement. Do you consider yourself a do-er or a be-er? What areas in your life do you need to slow down and just be and where do you need to find productivity?

Off your mat, I invite you to do a two day exercise to help you determine where you you need to adjust to being a do-er and where you need to just be. Spend one day consciously doing as little as possible, don’t make a to do list, just find comfort in the stillness and silence of just existing in a space. Notice any discomforts and take note if you have too much of the do-er mindset. The second day, spend it by acting on your impulses, without making a time schedule, just filling your day with things that come to your mind in that moment that need doing, notice any discomfort and take note if you have too much of a be-er mindset . Journal about this experience and work within yourself to find a healthy balance between being and doing.

On your mat, this week is a bit more open ended. All of our practices range dramatically, maybe notice what type of practice you find yourself doing in repetition and surrendering to doing a different practice for this week. If you have a heavy yang/heated/physical yoga practice, take time to practice more cooling forms of pranayama (Ex. shitali) and try a more meditative practice and stillness. Same goes if you have a heavy yin/cooling/meditative practice, take time to practice more heated forms of pranayama (Ex. Kapalabahti) and find yourself having a faster pace practice with movement. Surrender to the natural rhythm of balancing the heath and the cool, the yin and the yang, and the doing and the being.

-Namaste, Michi P.


This passionate knowledge seeking teacher, started their yoga journey with karma a few years ago and after falling in love with the community of yoga completed their 200hr Teacher Training at Yoga from the Heart. They have been a Dentonite since 2014, graduated from TWU and runs community groups. With their trauma-informed certification, they emphasize trauma healing by sharing healing techniques to take yoga off the mat. Aside from yoga, they enjoy outdoor activities, reading and mix media art.