Monday Mantra - October 7th

“I approve of myself.”

Happy Monday yogis! Today is the first day where it actually feels like fall is approaching us. If you are anything like me, it brings joy of cool weather but also may have seasonal depression creeping around the corner. Instead of dismissing these feelings coming up and pressing them down, have some compassion for yourself and allow yourself to be express yourself fully. Giving ourselves permission to not always be upbeat will allow us to have a better relationship with ourselves and others. Taking note of the relationship we build with ourselves to understand the relationships we have with others in our lives. Taking care of ourselves is hard, we want to consume ourselves with taking care of others. Take this week to find acceptance and approval for who you are and where you are in your journey.

On your mat, finding a heart opening and closing practice. Allowing the opening part to open ourselves to our full range of emotions and being compassionate with any you may not want in the body, knowing we have this feeling for a reason. Allowing the closing part of the practice to give you space to find some reclusion and reflection, like a big self love hug. Moving back and forth between the two to give you a sense of balance.

Off your mat, take yourself on a romantic date. Do everything you would if you were getting ready to impress someone else. Spend the time telling yourself all the wonderful things about yourself, generating self love, doing the things you love and find comfort and love in being alone for an evening. Reflect on any challenges you face and any discomfort that surface. I always suggest journaling about these experiences to see where we have room to find more comfort in the discomfort.

-Namaste, Michi P.


This passionate knowledge seeking teacher, started their yoga journey with karma a few years ago and after falling in love with the community of yoga completed their 200hr Teacher Training at Yoga from the Heart. They have been a Dentonite since 2014, graduated from TWU and runs community groups. With their trauma-informed certification, they emphasize trauma healing by sharing healing techniques to take yoga off the mat. Aside from yoga, they enjoy outdoor activities, reading and mix media art.