Yogis of Karma- Kyleen Hjembo


January Yogi of Karma: Kyleen Hjembo

I was born and raised in East Texas, and my Texas roots run deep, but I went to college in New York City and lived in that area for 17 years. My first experience with yoga was in Socrates Sculpture Park, where some generous, anonymous donor gave a grant that blessed the park with free outdoor yoga classes every Saturday in the park during the warmer months. Unlike the dance classes I'd taken in college, or the workout classes I'd taken at a gym, I never felt judged at these yoga classes, even though I couldn't always do the poses. Living in miles and miles of concrete, I craved Saturday mornings on a towel in the grass looking out at the river and learning yoga. I was always sad when the season ended, but I couldn't really afford to join a yoga studio. When I moved up to Greenwood Lake, NY, I was hopeful that someone might offer outdoor yoga classes; but that didn't start up until a few months before we moved, and I was working Saturdays at the time so I only managed to squeeze in one class. Around that time, a friend introduced me to Yoga With Adriene on YouTube, which I really enjoy; but there is something very different about the energy of a class with other yogis and an instructor to lead and guide you. I was hopeful that I might be able to find a yoga studio that I could afford when we moved to Texas, so the first time I saw Jessica leading a yoga class on the square, I was elated! I waited until the class was over and then asked her about the class, and she invited me to join. Since then, I have learned more yoga poses than ever before, and I'm looking forward to getting stronger and more flexible. I even bought my own yoga mat, finally! Most classes, my intention is "Trust Yourself", which has helped me not only strengthen my practice but also be more confident in the work I do. My husband and I continue to fall more and more in love with Denton, and Karma Yoga Denton has been a huge part of that for me.