Monday Mantra - March 4th

“I am allowed to build my bubble of protection.”

I don’t know about y’all but I have been seeing everyone around me, low energy and ready for a break from this weather, maybe from school or work and definitely from the miscommunications around us in this time of retrograde. As we feel ourselves become irritated by the negative energy surrounding up, it can be easy to allow negative energy to cling to our low vibrating energy bodies. This week I invite you to create a bubble of protection around yourself.

Off your mat, wake up in the morning with intention. Ask yourself, how can I have a good day today? Then set the intention in mind to make it happen. Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes and in your mind, imagine creating a bubble around that intention and don’t let any negative penetrate that intention throughout your day. If you struggle imagining a bubble, take your hands over head and with your arms, create this shield. On the exhale, sweep your arms down and see the energy bubble be created before your eyes.

On your mat, allow yourself to recharge this energy, maybe do some spinal movements, to wake up that chakra energy flow, maybe close your eyes and look inward to your light, and most importantly, never let it burn out from the energy around you.

-Namaste, Michi P.


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This passionate knowledge seeking teacher, started their yoga journey with karma a few years ago and after falling in love with the community of yoga completed their 200hr Teacher Training at Yoga from the Heart. They have been a Dentonite since 2014, graduated from TWU and runs community groups. With their trauma-informed certification, they emphasize trauma healing by sharing healing techniques to take yoga off the mat. Aside from yoga, they enjoy outdoor activities, reading and mix media art.