Monday Mantra - April 29th

"I have skills and talent."

As I reflect on the last affirmation, inspiring this weeks blog, “always do your best.” it made me think about the things that hold us back from putting in the one hundred percent effort into the things we go for, if we go for them at all. The thing that holds us back tends to be the negative thought “I am not good enough.” Therefore, this week, we are retraining our brains and go for what we deserve.

On your mat this week, I invite you to get playful with your practice. Do a balancing pose centered practice and allow yourself to find that edge and fall a few times. Get back up, find that edge again and fall. Knowing where your edge is and having the nerve to get back up and do it again, until you find that edge and can wobble will help you find the strength you need to practice this affirmation off your mat.

Off your mat, I invite you this week to do something you know you will fail at. Asking a stranger for one hundred dollars, ask for a bite off a strangers plate at a restaurant, etc. Asking questions that you know will resort in failure, make obtainable goals seem like nothing when you go to approach the situation instead of never going for it at all.

-Namaste, Michi P.


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This passionate knowledge seeking teacher, started their yoga journey with karma a few years ago and after falling in love with the community of yoga completed their 200hr Teacher Training at Yoga from the Heart. They have been a Dentonite since 2014, graduated from TWU and runs community groups. With their trauma-informed certification, they emphasize trauma healing by sharing healing techniques to take yoga off the mat. Aside from yoga, they enjoy outdoor activities, reading and mix media art.