Shake Your Asana

This playlist has been created in dedication to the Heart Chakra. The 4th of 7. Represented by the color Green, which represents harmony & balance. With the Heart Chakra in alignment, one can have healthy self-love which is beneficial to all.

It’s the first beat of the heart that signifies life has been created. Every moment of everyday the heart unconditionally beats to supply the body with the necessary life-giving fluid. Meeting the demands of the rest of the body. The heart is always there giving newly oxygenated blood, at the same time, receiving the blood that is in need of oxygen. For giving and receiving are the same energy. In giving you also receive. In receiving you also give. Just like the heart every moment, unconditionally.

These songs in this playlist have been selected to help yogis, while listening, to remember love, playfulness, heart break (because that is part of life too), hope, happiness, new love, old love, and self-love. The playlist is paired with a beautiful yoga flow that activates flexibility in the spine and lower back to assist the peak back bend poses. Such as, Ustrasana Camal pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana Wheel pose. With the heart chakra activated & in alignment, one invites unconditional love for self & others. Love IS Love, after all. The most powerful energy there is.


-Namaste, Heather


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heather sesmas

This fierce wonder woman has 13 +years experience as Yoga Instructor, rooted in Iyengar and Lic Holistic Esthetician. With inspiring energy, she bring to each class a collaborative spirit that teaches students correct postures and an understanding of breathing techniques. She encourages individuals to develop kinetic sensory/mind body awareness so they can live a healthier happier life.