Shake Your Asana

Happy Saturday Yogis! This month’s Shake Your Asana is dedicated to good mornings. For many of us, we’re back in the swing of school and work and preparing for the end of the year. That means mornings are an important part of your day. This playlist was curated to compliment your morning flow.

Start soft and slow with some easy instrumentals to center yourself and drop into your practice. As you begin to flow - with sun salutations, strong standing asana, balancing poses, or whatever else you do in your mornings - stay energized with steady rhythms and calming vocals.

This playlist ends with more instrumentals so you can finish with a meditation to set your intention for the day and start off strong.

-Namaste, Alex



Teacher, plant mom, and friend to all, Alex makes everyone feel welcome on the mat. She has been practicing since 2014, and completed her 200hr Teacher Training at Blue Anjou. She believes in the power of mind/body/breath awareness, and strives to teach students how to capture this awareness both on and off the mat.