Yogis of Karma - Gabriel Baria

Yogis of Karma - Gabriel Baria


This month for our yogis of Karma we highlight Gabriel Baria. He has been with Karma for about a year now and you'll most likely see him roll out his mat at our Sunday classes at DCBC. Always ready and with a smile on his face, this guy embodies power, balance and kindness. 

We asked him to tell us about his yoga journey and what brought him to Karma and this is what he told us. 


"My yoga journey began in 2011 at North Central Texas College in Corinth. This was back when PE credits were still require core curriculum. I signed up for a yoga class to fulfill this credit. The class was very fun, but I always viewed it as school work and never making it a practice at home. When the semester ended so did my yoga practice. Flash forward to 2018. I was in a motorcycle accident that left me with some road rash and some major aches and pains all throughout my body. After a late night out, I was talking to close friend Joseph Frank about how my wreck combined with work and active lifestyle were all taking a toll on my body. He suggested I go to yoga with him. Desperate for some respite from my self inflicted ailments I agreed to go to a class taught by Jessica. I immediately understood after one class of Karma Yoga that this was exactly what I needed. It provided strength and stability in areas I didn't even know were weak, spinal alignment that I lacked, and allowed me to set intentions for the new life I wanted to live. Yoga is such an amazing activity, and I have grown to love it. I am always trying to convince friends and family to come to classes and partake in this life giving form of art. Every day is a blessing and it is never to late to start incorporating yoga into any lifestyle!"


Watching him practice and heal himself has been an honor. I asked him what his favorite pose was and I was expecting something strong. I was so surprised when he told me that it was forward fold. A pose that is more healing and aligning than power. Forward fold has been his go to on his mat because it helps alleviate the pain from his wreck. 

-Namaste, Jessica