Food for the Heart - Recipes from the Soul: 4 Day Lunch Meal Prep

Weekday Lunch Bogging You Down?

As school starts back, schedules become hectic. I know if I don’t prep lunch it leaves me grabbing for undesired snacks and eating out (which can add up in money and calories).

If you are someone who cooks dinner nightly, you can also cook extra and pack leftovers for lunch the next day. If you’re more of a food prep person it’s easier to cook a few of the same ingredients, just splitting up the ingredients and seasoning them differently to eliminate getting tired of the same thing day after day.

Buddha Bowl & Taco Salad

Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Nut-free

Makes 4 Meals (2 of Each)

What you need:

1 bell pepper, cut julienne

1/2 purple onion, cut julienne

1 small sweet potato, small dice

1/2 16oz can chickpeas

1/2 16 oz can black beans

1 cup quinoa

3 cups water

1 Tbsp black pepper

1 tsp salt

2 tsp cumin

1 Tbsp curry powder

1 Tbsp soy sauce (or Tamari for gluten free or 1 tsp salt for soy free)

2 Tbsp vegan sour cream

1/2 cup salsa

1/2 cup hummus

4 Tbsp milk alternative

green onions, sliced (garnish)

cilantro, chopped (garnish)

1 lemon, juiced

4 cups dark leafy green, shredded (I used Romaine)

1 avocado sliced

Tortilla chips (optional)

What to do:

Cut all vegetables per ingredient list.

Split bell pepper and onion on each side of a sheet tray. Put chickpeas and sweet potatoes in the middle of the two.

Season entire tray with black pepper. Season one side of bell pepper and onion with cumin and salt. Season remaining vegetables with curry powder and soy sauce (or Tamari). As demonstrated in video.

Bake vegetables in the oven at 425° for 20 minutes

Add quinoa to a medium size pot, add water. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cover. Let simmer until quinoa is fluffy and water is absorbed. Try to avoid over stirring.

Split quinoa into two bowls 1 cup in one bowl, 2 cups in the other bowl.

1 cup quinoa bowl add half a can of black beans, stir

2 cups quinoa bowl add juiced lemon, stir

Assemble in four sealable containers. Add 2 cups of lettuce each into two containers. Add 1 cup of lemon juice quinoa each into 2 containers.

Add fajita seasoned onion and bell pepper on top of lettuce bowls. Add curried onion, bell pepper, chickpeas, and sweet potato on top of quinoa bowls.

Add 1/2 of black bean quinoa mixture on top of salad bowls

Add 1/4 of avocado to each bowl (can add lemon/lime juice on top to prevent from browning; best to add night before or day of).

Add 1 Tbsp of vegan sour cream to each lettuce bowl

Garnish taco salad with cilantro to taste; garnish Buddha bowl with green onion to taste.

Pour 1/4 cup salsa each into two containers to add to taco salad right before consumption. Serve with tortillas chips (optional).

Mix hummus and milk together to make a dressing for buddha bowl. Split into two small containers to add to buddha bowl right before consumption.

Store in the fridge up to a week.


-Namaste, Melissa P.


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Melissa Poindexter, RDN, LD

A vegan registered dietitian nutritionist who doubles as a local Denton yogi. Melissa started her yoga journey with Karma Yoga in 2015. Melissa has a passion for working with individuals with special diets by giving education through evidence-based research. When off her mat and out of the kitchen, Melissa also enjoys outdoor activities, scuba diving, and gardening.