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Product Review - Bellabeat Leaf

Alana (@growbythesun)


               I am not a bracelet wearing person typically. This has basically always been the case for me. Really jewelry in general has not always been my thing, though recently that has changed. I saw the Bellabeat Leaf first in a Facebook advertisement. It plagued me, as most ads do. I saw it everywhere. Eventually I decided to Google research and watch some videos of reviews of the item. I oogled over the Instagram pictures of people styling this piece in many ways. I researched for a while until I decided I needed to obtain one.

               The Bellabeat Leaf is an activity tracker that doubles as a fashion accessory. It is marketed towards the elegant, feminine, but active woman who does not find function in typical activity trackers that tend to resemble ankle monitoring devices a la Lindsey Lohan. A real life story: I once asked a woman what was on her ankle. It was her Fit-Bit. She did not like wearing it as a bracelet, and decided to attach it to her leg. She had no idea it looked like she was on a house arrest sentence that allowed her 10 square miles wiggle room. I wish I could go back and suggest something like the Leaf that does not portray her as a van-driving soccer mom who also is being monitored by the authorities.

What really got me for this item is the features. It tracks sleep, steps, time spent actively moving, and monthly cycles. You can enter different activities if the Leaf does not pick it up, such as swimming (this is not waterproof!). You can also adjust your sleep times and add naps if needed! It is capable of gentle reminders in the form of vibrations you can set like alarms through the app. All of these features are controlled by the app on your phone, as there is no screen! *gasp* I know guys, something without a screen! I personally like this. It is less distracting to wear and we do not need everything to be a screen, sometimes it is okay to not.

               I have tested this item on its miles setting. I have been on a few hikes or walks that have milemarkers-the Leaf kept up within .05 of an error margin. I have to say, the sleep function is not always accurate. Though this may be my fault, as I have a habit of sitting in bed for a little (or a lot) and my Leaf usually assumes I am asleep. The monthly cycle setting is accurate to a tee because you enter the information. You tell it the day you start and end your period, and it will log it, predict it next month, and tell you your ovulation prediction.

               The Leaf attracted me initially because of how versatile it is as far as wearing. You may clip it to your shirt or pants, wear it as a necklace, or wear it as a bracelet. When I originally dreamed about this item, I saw myself clipping it most often. Necklace was also a good option. After obtaining the Leaf, I most often wear it as a necklace. I also use it as a bracelet often. I do not typically clip it because I think it is so simplistic and beautiful that I want to display it. I can wear it dressy, I can wear it casually. I found a store on Etsy that makes items specifically for the Leaf, her bracelet options are gorgeous and give you so many more options to wear it as a jewelry piece. Bellabeat came out recently for mala options where you can clip in your Leaf to the mala. They are gorgeous, but the first batch sold out immediately and were also above a price I would personally want to spend on one necklace option right now.

               What I don’t do: wear it to yoga often. It usually does not pick up yoga as an “activity”. You can manually enter it, which is does not annoy me. Wearing necklaces or bracelets in yoga distract me usually. I want to focus on my movements more often than my Leaf hitting me in the face in down dog or sliding around when I am flowing.

Do you use activity trackers? Do you like the screens and technology? Do you have a Leaf or have questions about the Leaf? Contact me on Instagram @growbythesun and let’s chat.