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Karma Yoga Denton works to support local charities
and host community events each month

Check back here for the latest events
in this sweet little town of Denton


YOGA JAM WITH 7FEATHERS - second sundays at audacity brew house

Join us at Audacity Brew House for an all levels flow to the live sounds of beating drums. This upbeat flow will make your Sunday that much sweeter. Our usual $5 cover for the class will be donated in full to 7Feathers to support their mission in cultivating the art and music scene in this Denton community.

From the 7Feathers Facebook:
The Founders of 7Feathers created a vision of a place near Denton where families and friends and festies have somewhere to be. Music, Art, Family & Nature are the cornerstones of the philosophy of our organization.
Currently you can find us at the Denton Community Market, selling hand-made merchandise to raise funds to purchase land to grow our space. 
We are eager to continue to grow our relationships with local businesses and venues for opportunities to collaborate on hosting events. 
From the foundation, 7Feathers promises to contribute 20% of all profits back into the community. As we grow, these service projects will grow with us. Initially we are using profits to purchase items to build "Survivor Packs" to pass out to the homeless or struggling humans we see all around us. These bags contain socks, sunscreen, chapstick, deodorant, and other hygiene products. 
Once our venue opens, we will host live music every night, including open mic nights and pick-up jam sessions. Our connections in the festival and music circuits will bring larger bands and musical acts to North Texas for large outdoor shows and multiple day camping festivals. 
Our space will feature live art, local installations, playgrounds and treehouses, and other ways to interact and experience music and nature and art with your family and friends.